We believe meaningful face-to-face social experiences are part of what makes us human. Teybl (pronounced "table") creates more memorable experiences by enabling more people to discover and play more table games: board games, card games, dice games, role playing games, miniature games, tile-based games, paper and pencil games...really any type of game that is played on a table-like surface (often a table), and is both socially engaging and enjoyable for all involved.

Table games are a powerful social catalyst for bringing people together. We not only provide one of the most convenient ways to discover new games, but are actively working to reduce the friction to learn and play them with friends and family, both at home and out.

Team Teybl

Based out of Chapman University’s business incubator, LaunchLabs, in beautiful Southern California, Team Teybl is able to harness the power of the sun to boost productivity and streamline operations - that’s our theory anyway.

Emily Israel

Emily Israel CEO

Emily is all about card games. Her all time favorite is Nerts, followed by the domino games Mexican Train (aka Chicken Foot) and Rummikub. More recently, she has gotten into the modern deck building games Dominion and Star Realms. As long as she can find people to play with, she’s game.